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Points of Light™


Q: How does the attached tripod work?

A: The tripod allows you to use your Points of Light™ projector indoor or outdoor.
For indoor use, spread the tripod supports apart and place on a level, flat
surface. For outdoor use, you can flatten the tripod into a stake to place into
the ground. 

Q: What is the recommended use of the remote control?

A: We recommend that you use the remote within straight-line sight of your Points
of Light™ projector. The remote control has an approximate range of 65 feet. 

Q: What is the type of battery used in the remote control?

 A: The remote control requires a single CR2032 3V battery. This is a flat, disc-shaped
battery that looks similar to a watch battery. 

Q: What happens when I’m using my Points of Light™ projector with a timer, and
turn it off? Will it still be in sync when I turn it back on?

A: The projector should revert back to the last color and light effect you had
selected prior to turning it off. 

Q: Can I use my Points of Light™ projector in inclement weather?

A: The unit is weather-resistant and has a durable design. It can function in
light rain and snow, but should be disconnected during extreme or heavy weather

Q: Does my Points of Light™ projector use laser technology? Is it safe to use?

A: For the first question, no, Points of Light™ uses advanced LED technology, not
laser technology. And yes, Points of Light is absolutely safe to use. The
lights are very bright, however, so we never recommend that you shine them
directly into your eyes. 

Q: What is the optimal distance from my house that I should use my Points of
Light™ projector?

A: We recommend setting your projector approximately 20 feet back from the
projection surface. Feel free to adjust this distance to suit your preferences. 

Q: Can I adjust the “falling” light effect to rise up instead of down?

A: No, the effect is built into the unit, and cannot be changed using the remote
control. You can, however, tilt the unit if you want to alter the falling light

Q: Does the Points of Light™ projector require any special power or electricity

 A: No, it plugs into any standard power outlet.